The TK-3401DT Digital Licence Free

  • ETSI TS102 490 Compliant dPMR446
  • Dual Mode Analogue / Digital – User Selectable
  • Zone 1: 16 × 12.5kHz Channels PMR446
  • Zone 2: 16 × 6.25kHz Channels dPMR446
  • Industry-standard Digital AMBE2+ Vocoder
  • User-Programmable Features
  • Extended Range and Improved RFI Performance
  • No Licence Required
  • Adjustable Microphone Gain
  • Voice Annunciation of Channels
  • Built-in VOX
  • CTCSS/DQT Signalling Tones
  • Scanning Functions
  • Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
  • Clear Sound with Voice Compander Function
  • IP54, IP55 and US-MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/


The Kenwood TK-3401DT ProTalk Digital 446 dual radio is a licence-free portable handheld radio capable of operating through both digital and analogue networks. Switching between the two modes is simple, making this the ideal radio to adopt during a transition from analogue to digital radios throughout your workplace. Within the two modes, this walkie-talkie offers an impressive 32 channels in total - 16 for digital, 16 for analogue. 

Combining the enhanced performance of digital technology with the cost benefits of licence-free radio, the TK-3401DT is an ideal starter solution for small businesses looking to invest in their first two way radio network.

The TK-3401DT is built with business and industrial customers in mind. It comes in a lightweight, easy to carry casing which is nonetheless built to withstand use in tough environments. 

The ProTalk's digital audio technology delivers superior sound quality to its analogue predecessors, minimising residual noise and incorporating an AMBE+2 Vocoder to clarify and enhance your voice, as well as increasing coverage by 20% compared to an analogue radio. The integrated BTL amplifier and large speaker provide a 1 watt audio output, meaning your voice is as loud as it is clear. 

Light Weight Build

Weighing just 280g, this radio is surprisingly robust for its ultra-lightweight build, with a strong IP54/55 water and dust resistance rating and construction meeting US military standard 810G. You can also adjust the programming of the TK-3401D with no need for additional software, with user customisation possible in the channel frequency, QT tone and DQT code. The extended rangeof this walkie-talkie allows you to communicate over small spaces without needing a repeater. 

*The range of a PMR446 radio varies a lot depending on where you use it. In open areas, free from dense trees or buildings, you will get a far greater coverage than you would in a built up area.

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