Kenwood Radio Equipment

Kenwood Radio Equipment:

During the course of 2017, Wroot Ltd have been deliberating the direction that our company will be taking  in the future.

Wroot Ltd have been assisting with the use of this equipment for a number of years to solve large and complex system requirements. Therefore, we have gained a vast amount of collective knowledge pertaining to the physical units and software abilities.

Consequently, we have taken the decision to use our extensive knowledge of the radio industry in a slightly different way to that which we have been following in the past.

An Exciting Future:

The coming year is going to be an incredibly exciting one for us, as we will be heading into it with the intention of expanding our radio networks.

Our main aim and focus will be in promoting digital equipment and re-educating analogue radio users on the many extensive abilities of digital systems, but we will also be offering our radio networks benefits to more dealers, giving you the edge when quoting your customers for systems. In certain areas you will be able to get your customers radios up and running without the added cost of repeaters.

The following pages are designed to give you an overview of the some of the equipment that is available to use and the services we can offer, but for any specific enquiries, technical advice or assistance, please call us and one of our team will be pleased to help you.

We look forward dealing with you in the very near future.



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