Kenwood DMR Radios


Kenwood DMR Digital Hand-Portables, Mobiles and Repeaters.

With new hand-portables and mobiles joining the existing Kenwood DMR line-up of digital walkie talkies and repeaters, you now have the breadth of choice you need to build a voice and data capable, digital two-way communications solution that’s precisely right for your application; whether it’s mission, operations or commercial critical.

The ergonomically styled portables are designed to withstand the most demanding use and include simple voice only units to fully featured voice and data models with colour display screens, GPS and advanced lone-worker features to ensure your staff work safely and that you maximise efficiency and productivity.


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Kenwood DMR Digital

The Kenwood range of DMR hand-portables, mobile radios and repeaters meet with ETSI TS 102 361* Tier 2: Conventional DMR.

They offer fully automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation which makes Kenwood DMR ideally suited to users wishing to migrate from an analogue system to the benefits of digital without having to replace all their devices at the same time.

The range includes low, mid and high-tier hand-portables and a mobile; all designed to meet the requirements of users operating commercial and operations critical radio systems and those who specifically require an ETSI compliant, multi-vendor solution.

In addition, Kenwood DMR capabilities can be further extended to include multiple user groups and increased coverage by employing TKR-D710E and TKR-D810E Tier 2 repeaters.

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