DECT Protalk FD



► Designed throughout for ease of use and convenience

•  Up to 64 transceivers can be used in Listening Mode

•  High-quality Audio Mode for greater clarity

• Group LED displays the current communication group

• Function button for instant selection of a frequently used function

•  Volume Attenuation to temporarily reduce volume when talking to a customer

•  Voice Announcement of current settings

•  Remaining battery capacity indicated by blinking LED and Voice Announcement

•  Key Lock to protect from accidental operation


The WD-K10 Series is KENWOOD’s DECT Intercom System, offering simple, full-duplex hands-free, simultaneous two-way communications. It can significantly ease day-to-day operations with conversational staff contact & coordination anytime, anywhere – indoors and outdoors.

Just 20mm in depth and the size of a business card, the WD-K10TR transceiver is amazingly small and light (118g), making it easy to work with all day long. Despite its compact design, it can operate on a single battery charge for up to 20 hours. The WD-K10PBS (135g) can be used as a portable base station or transceiver. In Portable Base mode, it operates for up to 8 hours while communicating with up to 4 transceivers. In Transceiver mode, it operates for up to 25 hours.

Digital communication supports high-quality audio, which means that messages and instructions are relayed clearly. Since this DECT system operates at 1.9GHz, this intercom system will work side by side with wireless LAN equipment, which operate at 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

When a group is working outside, at a construction site or outdoor event for example, it is often not possible to install a fixed base station. There may even not be an AC power supply available. Ideal for such situations is the WD-K10PBS portable base, which can function as a transceiver as well. Using an optional cable, the WD-K10PBS can be connected to a compatible KENWOOD two-way radio, which will act as a bridge between two geographically separated intercom systems.

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