The Conception Of Wroot Ltd.

Our Experience.

Wroot Ltd have created a highly trained and experienced work force.

Our combined knowledge of Kenwoods ‘Nexedge’ range of equipment makes us one of the leading sources of information within the UK radio communications industry.

Kenwood Nexedge available from Wroot Ltd

Wroot Ltd can supply Nexedge trunked systems.

Wroot Ltd, as it is today, evolved from a major national company requiring a bespoke communications system that catered for all their specific needs.

Extensive research was carried out on many other brands before finally selecting Kenwoods ‘Nexedge’ equipment.

The ‘Nexedge’ range of radios are massively under used and neglected in the UK. Elsewhere in the world they are considered to be one of the most popular brands for large, trunked systems. The USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are all huge users of them.

The company in question had been using aged, analogue radios. They struggled to provide adequate coverage for their growing company and fleet of vehicles. With increasingly higher demands being placed on the equipment, they decided that they needed something that was more effective. A system that would grow to meet the expansion they anticipated achieving in the future.

With Kenwoods Assistance.

Selection of industry suggestions.

Communications equipment available from Wroot Ltd

In conjunction with Kenwood Communications UK, Wroot Ltd commenced to remove and replace the old radios. We then systematically created a bespoke solution for their specific requirements.

The process has not been entirely problem free, but our engineering team have worked tirelessly to fulfil the clients needs. The responses to the new ‘Nexedge’ systems have been incredibly positive. Everyone has recognised and appreciated the better, wider coverage and the vast improvement in audio quality. The project is a long way from being finished, as there are still depots that need to be converted to digital, but given time, the whole fleet will be running Kenwood ‘Nexedge’ radios.

The Result.

Over the years the Wroot Ltd team have gained a huge amount of knowledge and expertise on the ‘Nexedge’ equipment. We currently assist with 28 sites around the country.

Consequently, the success of these systems means that Wroot Ltd, have now got the capability to offer alternative communications solutions. We would like to invite you to find out how we can help you resolve your communications requirements.

For further information on any of the above products or associated services, please call: 01405 446142.