Kenwood & Wroot Ltd. 10 Key Facts!

Wroot Ltd and Kenwood Nexedge – 10 Key Facts!

Kenwood Mobile Radio

NX 720/820

1. Many other brands of radio have disappeared, while all the time, the Kenwood Nexedge Equipment continues to be used!

2. There are over 700,000 Nexedge devices in use over 160 countries. They can’t all be wrong! Kenwood Nexedge equipment is used in vast, remote areas where guaranteed performance is a must! Kenwood is a trusted brand.

3. Kenwood developed and introduced the Kenwood Solution Developers Programme, specifically to ensure all applications designed for the Nexedge equipment are done to the highest standards.

4. If you get Kenwoods ‘Nexedge’ equipment from Wroot Ltd, you will never be without communications. In the event of you damaging your equipment, we can provide you with loan radios whilst yours are repaired. (Subject to availability). Consequently, your production or activities will not be disrupted.

5. Kenwood systems can be as simple or as complex as you require & can grow with each company. They provide robust, secure and reliable communications for you.

Handhelds, Mobile & Repeater

Kenwood Nexedge

6. Wroot Ltd, have repeater sites based around the country. These locations are being added to all the time. Why set up expensive systems which add to the overall cost when you can use ours and cut the cost.

7. Major cities are now facing problems with radio users obtaining the frequencies they require from Ofcom. Alternative solutions are having to be found, which is adding to the time taken to set up a system and overall cost. Can we help you?

8. If you have a building in an area where we require a repeater sited, we may be able to provide you with radios FOC in exchange for roof topspace! Give us a call to discuss this option.

Portable Digital Radio

Handheld NX 220/320 E2

9. Wroot Ltd only promote products we understand and believe in. We specialise in Kenwood ‘Nexedge’ equipment for our systems installations.  Why would you choose to go elsewhere?

10.Lastly, but most importantly, we are NICE people. Our staff won’t try to sell you something you don’t need at a price you can’t afford. We offer our honest opinion and advice, then it’s up to you to decide. Wroot Ltd believes in providing reliability and quality.

Kenwood & Wroot

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